How to set up your Personal Audio Profile on the HTC 10

HTC Audio Profile

HTC 10 is the smartphone with some interesting new features to experience. One of such new feature is to set up your new personal audio profile The Personal Audio Profile feature allows you to customize how you hear music, games, videos and more for each set of headphones you own. All you have to do is take a quick frequency hearing test in each ear to create a custom mix that works best for you. You can can set up multiple profiles for different headsets, so sound is never compromised no matter which headphones you’ve got on hand.

Here are the easy to do steps which you can follow to have your own personal audio profile on the HTC 10

First plug in your headhones to your device and put them on your ears. Make sure you have the right channel on your right ear and left channel on your left year. As the messenger pops up on your HTC mobile screen tap set up

Now choose listen to frequencies or if you want you can opt for quick adaptation by choosing answer questions.

Now you are going to go through a series of hearing steps. Make sure you hear the tones clearly in your head phone by tapping plus or minus before tapping next on the current volume screen

When you are done preview the profile by tapping play audio

HTC Audio Profile Settings

Tap the top of the different switch to toggle between the enhanced and the original sound

After previewing rename your profile and then tap done.

If you use more than one pair of headphones with your phone create a different profile for each

To create a new sound profile plug in the new headphones then go to settings>HTC Boom sound with Dolly Audio>Personal Audio Profile and then tap on choose the audio profile + sign

With personal audio profile tune the HTC phone audio output for hearing.

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