Do you wish to watch your favourite TV shows in your HTC handset. HTC TV app is there for you which acts like a TV guide on your phone. Besides the shows of your choice it also provides alerts when one of your favourite programs is about to start. To tailor the TV app to your own personal preferences, follow the simple steps given below.

1. From your apps list, find the TV icon and press it to start using HTC TV.

2. The first time you use the app, you will be asked to pick your location. Find your location and touch on the appropriate and press Next to continue.

3. On the next page, fill in your postcode. This will help narrow down which channels you should expect to see in your particular area. Press Next when you’re finished.

4. Select your TV service provider. If you don’t have a premium TV service and rely on freeview digital channels, choose Freeview. When you’re ready to continue, press Next.

Htc TV App

5. Make your choice on your region, press Next.

6. Tick each box next to the channels you receive through your TV provider. Pressing the heart icon will add that channel to your list of favourites! When you’re ready to continue, tap Next.

7. If you are a user of HTC’s Watch app you can select to add it to your feeds list on this page, or just press Next to move on.

Tv htc

8. If you have any shows you favourite above all others touch the heart beside each show you enjoy to add it to your favourites list. Tap Finish to complete the TV setup process.

Fav Channel TV htc

9. You can choose to share certain information with HTC to improve their service in future, opting out is as simple as pressing Cancel but if you wish to help HTC, tap OK.

You’re done! You can now browse through the app to see what’s coming up or currently being played on a TV near you.

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