HTC Scribble App- The Wonderful Projects to Create

HTC Scribble app is a wonderful app to create and share your personal projects even while on the move. With this app you can create a wide variety of projects quickly like create a greeting card for some friend’s birthday or create a scrapbook of your photos and also then share out via email, text and social networks.

The types of projects you can create using HTC Scribble include:

  • Notes
  • Schedules
  • To-do lists
  • Budgets for any occasion
  • Photo blogs
  • Birthday or Greeting cards
  • Diary entries

With all these templates there are options to customize it accordingly with variety of options like you can add text using an assortment of fonts and sizes; choose pen, crayon, paint or marker tools to illustrate your own art; use the pen text tool to add your own hand-written letters; add a photo or a voice recording or add one of the pre-loaded stickers.

HTC Scribble

You can have this app from the Google play store and download it free. Once you have this app on your device you can open the HTC Scribble app and start to make a new project.

  • From the Home screen, tap the app grid at the bottom center of your screen and then find/tap Scribble.
  • Choose a project template when prompted or tap the plus sign.
  • In the box that says Title text here, type in your note title.
  • Use the editing tools to enter text, record audio, and more.
  • To undo or redo your actions, tap the right and left arrows.
  • Press the back icon to save the note.

Now once you have completed your project it is time to share with your friends or colleagues.

  • Tap the share arrows within your HTC Scribble app.
  • Tap Share article.
  • Select the account you want to use to publish the note to.
  • Type a description or tag your note.
  • Make sure that Share your post is selected.
  • Under Share to, tap where you also want to share the link that will be created. You’ll be prompted to complete the action in the apps you selected. Finally Tap Done.

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