HTC 10: What is so incredible about the Hi Fi BoomSound

HTC has been taking its audio very seriously  and introduced the Boom sound in its phone technology on the HTC One M7 for clear and crisper sound. The new HTC 10 features 24-bit Hi-Res audio and an updated BoomSound speaker layout that makes this phone  best sounding mobile. Earlier BoomSound speakers had two front-facing speakers located at the bottom of the phone.

Now these speakers in the HTC10 reduce the length of the phone and provide clearer sound. The speakers have been split, with the tweeter on top and the woofer on the bottom. Each component is also equipped with its own amplifier so you get the best sound possible from a smartphone.

Each speaker has its own amplifier, to give clarity to each channel, which is often lost in smartphones with a single external speaker. It’s loud, it’s clear, and it still has that BoomSound thrill when listening to music and videos

BoomSound Hi-Fi edition is about giving you the best sound quality through your headphones. In the HTC 10 it has been designed as an end-to-end solution, with professionally tuned audio circuitry. It will capture 24-bit audio, it will upscale to 24-bit, with a high-quality DAC, as well as featuring a more powerful headphone amp, that will drive higher-quality, more demanding, headphones.

However, the greatest part of this new BoomSound Hi-Fi edition handset may be the headphones that come in the box. Where many manufacturers give you headphones that are average, HTC is bundling a Hi-Res certified in-ear headset in the box.

If you want to have the best setup for your headphones, there’s also a Personal Audio Profile feature. This will let you tune the audio output to your ears.  So the Boom Sound is always booming and surging ahead in HTC mobiles. Right.


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