HTC elevate program shuts down

HTC elevate program shuts down

Most smartphone brands and their mobiles gain popularity over the years creating fans and community.  The manufacturers then take their customers and fans seriously and offer them various services for their loyalty to their mobile products and get the advantage of being able to connect and build a relationship with that group on a more personal level.

For instance mobiles like  OnePlus, Xiaomi, and Realme have a massive fan. OnePlus, has its Open Ears Forum to directly interact with its users and improve its hardware and software offerings. On the other hand, Xiaomi and Realme give their top fans the opportunity to attend launch events and they get free merch for their support. Similarly, Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer, HTC is one of the first to start such a community program for its fans, but sadly, the program HTC Elevate program has now finally met its demise.

HTC elevate program shuts down

Back at the height of its popularity, HTC was one such brand that wanted to have a special and exclusive place for true fans. Now that place has shut down and its timing right after news of the company’s dismal 2019 earnings only adds fodder to rumors of its own inevitable demise.

Launching in 2012, HTC Elevate may just be one of the oldest running VIP clubs for smartphone phone fans, back when smartphones may have still been considered a fad. The forum had strict requirements to maintain activity and rewarded members with freebies and chances to attend product launches. Now it has almost silently closed down the program without any explanation or even a warning beforehand.

According to’s Elevate was a private members-only community for fans and supporters, with its entry limited by a strict invite system. HTC relied on Elevate to connect with loyalists worldwide and get feedback on its products. In return, members stood a chance to get freebies and get invited to attend launches. HTC required members to be active and log in on the platform at least once each month, which not only incentivized activity but also served to weed out members who weren’t as passionate about the brand.’

As a couple of Elevate members facing issues logging in on the HTC Elevate platform. Fans who tried to log in were left with a 502 error, which led people to believe that the company had finally called it quits. However, the forums were back up online in a few days which gave fans some false respite. Now, if you visit the HTC Elevate website you’re greeted with a pop-up that states, “Hello — This program is no longer active. Please email for any support needs for HTC products.” At the time of writing, there’s no official statement from HTC regarding the now-defunct community program.

Shutting down a program is nothing shocking and is totally within the program owner’s rights but you’d presume that a VIP program would at least give members a heads up first. Then again, HTC Elevate may no longer have such members to speak of in the first place if the number of die-hard HTC fans have dwindled to almost zero.

That, of course, doesn’t mean there are zero HTC fans, just not enough fans willing to remain active enough to be in that exclusive club. This, in turn, indirectly suggests that the number of HTC users and fans have likewise diminished significantly. As if sales figures aren’t enough of a hint but HTC hopes that with the launch of its blockchain phone it can save HTC’s mobile business.

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