Vive wireless adapter for HTC Vive to enjoy VR games

HTC Vive wireless adaptor

Vive Wireless Adapter is available for HTC Vive and HTC Vive Pro. The Vive Wireless Adapter works by installing a PCI-e card and attaching a sensor from the PC that broadcasts to and from the wireless headset. The adapter has a broadcast range of 6 metres with a 150 degree field of view from the sensor. It also runs in the interference-free 60Ghz band using Intel’s WiGig specification, which, combined with DisplayLink’s XR codec, means low latency and high performance with hours of battery life.

HTC Vive Adaptor

The VIVE Wireless Adapter, powered by Intel WiGig, offers a near-zero latency VR experience that’s fast, responsive and offers maximum performance. Easy to setup, the VIVE Wireless Adapter helps you get the most out of SteamVR’s room-scale tracking technology. Coupled with a powerful, easy-swap battery, you can explore the full virtual range of your VIVE or VIVE Pro for up to 2.5 hours.

The adapter is powered by the HTC QC 3.0 PowerBank, which can also double as a charge pack for a smartphone. Vive Pro owners will need an additional compatibility pack with a connection cable for the Vive Pro.

Best to play VR Games

HTC Vive wireless adaptor

The Vive Wireless Adapter removes roadblocks and creates space for an immersive, cutting-edge gaming experience with creative & intricate setups, greater space flexibility giving more immersive VR and multiplayer experiences.

The Vive Wireless Transmitter, which transmits video and audio signals wirelessly to your headset, is said to come with a PCIe WiGig card that you’ll have to install into your desktop. After installing the included WiGig card, you then hook up the wireless link box and clip it to your monitor.

From there, you’ll need to follow the individual instructions on how to mount the adapter to your Vive headset, whether it be an original Vive with standard floppy headstrap, the original Vive with Deluxe Audio Strap, or the new Vive Pro. Both original Vive setups seem fairly straight forward, with some Velcro and shorter cables to faff about with.

HTC Vive wireless adaptor AUD

Note that it doesn’t come stock with the necessary bits and bobs to attach to the Vive Wireless Adapter however, so you’ll actually have to purchase an additional package called ‘Attach Kit for Wireless Adapter’.

You’ll need to install the Vive Wireless software and you’re hypothetically done with setup and hopefully ready to cut the cables for good.

To power the wireless experience, you should only ever use the HTC QC 3.0 Power Bank, a 10,050mAh battery with Quick Charging capabilities.

You can upgrade to wireless VR and get a two-month VIVEPORT Subscription for free and get the choice of hundreds of apps and games. Two months subscription included at no cost and automatically renews thereafter.

The Vive Wireless Adapter will be available for $479, and the Vive Pro compatibility pack will be available for $120. Click here to buy now.

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