Set your HTC One through computer

Ready to experience your hand on HTC One!  Setting up your phone, you have the choice to either complete the set up process using handset or through your computer. Here are few easy simple steps to set your HTC One through a PC.

1. In the set up wizard you will be asked “How do you want to set up the phone?” You choose to set up from scratch. Press Next to continue.

2. On the next page, touch the Get Started button to start the web setup process.

3. From your computer’s browser, go to

4. Your HTC One will generate a random code for you to type in to the HTC website, pairing the phone with your browser window on your computer.

5. Put the phone now away for a while and follow the next few steps are all managed through your internet browser on the computer.

6. On the website, type in the code generated by your phone.

HTC Phone Set Up

7. Select the appropriate mobile network for your phone and press Next

Mobile Network Display

8. Decide on a template to set your HTC One up with, or select Create my own to pick your own style. Go to Next.

Template Style

9. Click on some news sources to integrate with your home screen. If you don’t want to add any, press Next without clicking on any other options.

News Sources

10. You can choose some free apps to install to your HTC One from the moment it’s set up. Click to select any apps that catch your eye and press Next.

HTC Apps

11. To set your alarm, notification and ringtone sounds, choose the appropriate category from the top of the page and scroll through the lists of samples until you find the right tones for you.

You’re even able to upload music or sounds from your computer from this page. Click the cursor on Upload Custom Ringtone and pick some music from your collection. Any sounds you pick will be transferred to your phone over the WiFi connection. Press Next to continue.

HTC Set Up Sounds

12. Now select bookmarks from the list of suggested sites or add your own at the top of the page by typing in the name of the website and the website address (the URL), followed by clicking the +Add button. To continue, press Next.

HTC Book Mark

13. From the list of suggestions on the web page or by uploading an image from your computer you can choose a wallpaper for your HTC and press Next.

HTC Wall Paper

14. Lock screens usually add additional features to a normally very plain interface on your smartphone. Some lock screens offer controls for your music player, others will display photos from your gallery or status updates from your social networks. Once you’ve selected a lock screen which meets your requirements, click Next.

HTC Lock Screen

15. Add email accounts by clicking on account type and filling in your email address and password. You may also set up a Dropbox account on this page, which can be achieved from clicking the Dropbox icon and adding your details.


16. Google’s location services can be a great addition to your smartphone and the Tell HTC option will help to improve HTC’s products and services in future. If you don’t want this features and wish to opt out, simply untick the boxes and click on Next step.

Google Location Service HTC

17. To save your choices and send your settings to your phone, you must sign in with either a Facebook or an HTC account on both the website and also on your HTC One. After signing in, on the website, you should see below page given in picture.

HTC Save Settings

18. On your handset, press the link for already finished on the web and sign in to the corresponding Facebook or HTC account you just entered on the computer. You can now finish the setup wizard and begin using your new smartphone.

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