How to make use of Apple Air Play on the HTC 10

If you want to make use of Apple Air Play on the HTC 10 there is an update to HTC’s Connect App that will keep the Android device and Air play work smoothly. HTC updated its Connect app with a nondescript change log of “Increase new wireless protocols.” It turns out, that new wireless protocol is Apple’s AirPlay platform. Meaning, owners of the HTC One M7, One M8, One M9 and the HTC 10 can now stream audio to an AirPlay speaker or Apple TV from their smartphone devices.

What you need to do to use the newfound feature, is that first you need to install the updated HTC Connect app from the Play Store. After the updated version, you can connect to an AirPlay device in two different ways.

Apple Air Play on HTC 10

You can swipe up on the screen of your phone with three fingers to bring up the HTC Connect dialogue. Your phone will automatically attempt to reconnect to the last device you used, or you can pick another device by tapping on Choose Other.

Also, you can go to Settings > HTC Connect and you will  find a list of available streaming devices and the respective protocol each one uses  like the Bluetooth, DLNA, AirPlay and more. You can limit the type of devices that show up in this list by tapping on the menu button, followed by Scan Option.

Apple Air play on HTC 10

To stop streaming from your phone to another device, pull down the notification shade and close the notification indicating where the audio is being sent.



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