Infinit File Transfer App In HTC Devices

Do you know that Infinit is a file storage and sharing company created in 2012 by two Frenchmen, Julien Quintard and Baptiste Fradin, with the vision of combining technology and design to allow anyone to send any file (photos, videos or else), of any size, to anyone, on any device.
Infinit File
Few months back Infinit International Inc announced its first major partnership with Taiwan based Smartphone’s market HTC, for its free and unlimited file transfer app. The Infinit file transfer solution will be available to more than 10 million users of HTC devices in Europe and Asia. Infinit’s mobile apps are now available in French, German, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish, and also in Dutch and Swedish on iOS devices.
According to Infinit CEO, Julien Quintard  “We are working with HTC to bring Infinit to millions of users, as the definitive answer to transferring files to and from any HTC device. HTC sees a natural fit between our easy-to-use file transfer app and the problems their customers face when sharing files on mobile,” He notes that Infinit’s success on Android has been recognized by several Smartphone manufacturers and telecom operators, hinting at additional partnerships that are in the planning stages.

Infinit Offers

  • High growth startup, Infinit, having stronghold in Europe and Asia with HTC partnership, providing free and simple file transfer to millions of users.
  • A new Infinit app for iPad now lets users send and receive photos and videos at speeds up to 30 times faster than Dropbox or Apple’s AirDrop (e.g. a full HD film can be transferred in less than 10 minutes over WiFi).
  • The new iOS Share Extension allows choosing and sending files from any iOS app, liberating your photos, videos and other files on any iOS device.
  • Infinit is now available in 9 new languages, including Dutch, French, German, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish.

Select a specific device when sending (e.g. My iPad), and the files will automatically transfer to that device without any additional action.
Infinit file menu
According to Infinit Officials, “Infinit is now a full-featured service, used by both creative professionals for its feature set, but also by non-tech savvy individuals for its simplicity. Infinit is the first app that allows sending any file, of any size, on any device, at lightning speed, guaranteeing delivery to a friend or to another device”.

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