What is the HTC Ice View Case?

HTC Ice View case is the protective accessory for the HTC phone specially the HTC 10. So Ice View, is a stylish protective flip case with a solid fit that accentuates the phone’s design and advances novel methods of interacting with everyday information.

As a protector, the Ice View’s thin frosted front repels nicks and scratches when the phone is in a pocket or bag, but is translucent enough to reveal the phone’s screen. When the cover is closed, an array of information like notifications, battery status, music controls, alarms, incoming phone calls, weather and more are rendered in a clear, visible way unique to Ice View. Also because the cover is touch-sensitive, you can act on that information immediately.

In this case the entire phone is covered in a soft, protective material. This form would safeguard the phone’s screen, but also allow interaction using a unique visual effect.

Taking advantage of a new TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) construction method, provides necessary quality and durability. A key aspect of this is controlling the material thickness of the case in several areas. The sidewalls are thicker to offer protection where it’s most needed, and the bulk of the back surface has been reduced to a minimum, carefully maintaining the design language of the HTC 10. The metal HTC logo in the lower corner of the cover enhances the premium feel of the product, but also conceals the discrete magnetic interaction with the phone.

According to Mathias Hintermann, industrial designer, “Ice View feels as if the whole phone has been submerged in a protective layer, almost like a frozen block of ice,” The fine-tuned material properties and textures get the right balance of frost and feel. While the texture on the back needs to be soft and inviting, the front needed to let one’s finger slide smoothly to interact with the device. This frosted appearance of the material gave the case its Ice View name.

HTC Ice View- Design for a different context

At first glance, the clean, borderless design of the modern and minimal graphics adds an element of surprise and a refreshed new aspect to the phone. Like its predecessor, the HTC Dot View case, Ice View takes advantage of the unique hardware and software interaction afforded by the properties of the case. When the cover is closed as sensed by the magnetic connection between the phone and the HTC logo, edge-to-edge graphics reveal essential information in an easily-understood design language.

The new borderless real estate challenged the design team to harmonize the interplay of all elements, such as the iconography and typography, throughout each screen and notification. The clean and minimal graphic design, from fonts to symbols, was specifically tailored to be legible and correctly proportioned when viewed through the case’s frosted front.

The holistic design of both graphic and hardware enables Ice View’s signature interactions. The touch-sensitive flip cover allows the owner to immediately respond to notifications and calls, control music playback and even quick-launch the camera and capture a snapshot. The cover becomes an extension of the screen itself, with the flexibility to accommodate future motion gestures and displays of information.

The Ice View case is an evolution of both industrial design and user experience. It opens the door to develop more motion gestures, playful applications of CMF (color, materials and finishes), surface explorations and customized themes for future products.

HTC Ice View App

HTC Ice View App

The free HTC Ice View app only works with the HTC 10 and Ice View case combo, so it’s the very definition of a niche offering. But if you satisfy that select criteria, you can enjoy the full range of Ice View potential, including time and date, weather information, notifications, battery status, music controls, alarms, call rejection, answering and redial.

Features of HTC Ice View App

– View the time, date and weather
– Check the battery level by tapping on clock
– Receive or reject calls
– Redial recent calls with a swipe up
– Review notifications by swiping left or right
– Open the camera using the Motion Launch gesture of swiping down twice when the screen is off
– Snooze or dismiss alarms by swiping up or down
– Skip songs or pause playback

HTC has also enabled the nifty double swipe gesture to launch and control the camera app with the case closed. Wanna try your hands on this remarkable case then head to the HTC store.

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