HTC Dot View- How to get started with this case

In the previous guide post you learnt what is HTC Ice view case and the stylish way to interact with your HTC Android smartphone. Here you will come to know of another popular case called the HTC dot view case and its associated app and how you can get started with it. So first let us understand what is this all aboit.

What is HTC Dot View?

HTC Dot View case is another HTC accessory that provides you with a functional and stylish way to interact with your HTC device. With the Dot View case, you can perform a variety of simple tasks, all with the case is closed. Some of the things you can do with HTC Dot View case includes:

  • Answer or decline phone calls.
  • End calls with a quick down swipe.
  • Receive notifications of a missed call, new email, voice mail or SMS message.
  • Get alerts from popular apps like Facebook, Gmail, Twitter and more.
  • Play, pause and skip your music.
  • Control your phone’s flashlight and voice recorder (only available with Sense 7 or later).
  • Snooze alarms

In addition to being able to control and perform a variety of tasks with HTC Dot View, there are also several ways to keep entertained and personalize your device. For example, you can:

  • Play HTC Dot View games like HTC Dot Breaker.
  • Customize your HTC Dot View experience with HTC Dot Design.
  • Display a custom scrolling message with HTC Dot Message.
  • To see if the HTC Dot View case is compatible with your smartphone, you can click here.

Getting Started with HTC Dot View

All you need is to follow below simple steps to get set up:

Insert your HTC phone into the Dot View case. The fit should be snug. After installing, you’ll see the HTC Dot View display through the cover of the case.

Make a phone call: Even with your HTC Dot View case is on your phone, you’re still able to make a phone call. While the HTC Dot View display is off, lift the phone in portrait orientation, Swipe down from the upper half of the HTC Dot View cover, When you see the microphone icon on the screen, say “Call” and then the contact’s name.

You can change your HTC Dot View Theme: Want HTC Dot View to display an image that fits your style then changing theme is simple. Just follow these steps:

  • Open the HTC Dot View app.
  • Tap Themes from the left pop-out menu.
  • To add a new HTC Theme, tap + in the upper right hand corner and then select the drop down menu at the top of the screen.
  • Once selected, you’ll notice a variety of HTC Dot View Theme categories to select from. Select one.
  • Next select the Dot View Theme you like and push Download.
  • Push Apply after it’s been downloaded.
  • Just close your case and double tap the screen to display your new HTC Dot View Theme.

Turn a Photo, Wallpaper or Image into a HTC Dot View Theme: Turning a photo, image or wallpaper into an HTC Dot View Theme is a simple and fun way to show off your style. To do this, first ensure that the image you’d like to use is in your gallery. After that, follow the below steps:

  • From within the HTC One Dot View app, select + in the upper right corner.
  • When the Add theme from menu appears, select Gallery.
  • Select an album and image of your choice.
  • Next, you’ll be given the option to crop your image. To select the full image, drag the corners of crop outline so to the corners of the image and tap Done.
  • Tap Done.

More things that you can do with HTC Dot View

HTC Dot View

  • To wake up your phone, lift the phone in portrait orientation and then tap twice on the cover.
  • When you get a phone call, you don’t have to open the cover. Just swipe up or down on the arrows to answer or reject the incoming call.
  • To clear a notification, swipe down on the down-pointing arrow.
  • If you have older notifications, you’ll see the next one after clearing the current notification.

Therefore you see that with the HTC Dot View case, you can personalize and interact with your HTC Android smartphone in new way and act smart.

You can have the HTC dot view case app all free from Google play store and use your phone with the dual-purpose case that combines form and function.

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