HTC Android Apps that now lost at Google Play Store

HTC apps

Since the beginning of 2019 HTC has discontinued with its nine own Android apps. Most of these apps went off Google’s Play Store between February and April 2019 the latest being HTC in house sense launcher.

Data from AppBrain reveals that 14 apps from the manufacturer have been unpublished from the Google Play Store. This month April 2019, HTC has removed the Sense Home Launcher and HTC People. The former was a launcher that showed apps that users might want to open depending on their current location. There were three different options available: home, work, or out. The latter was an app that helped users manage their contacts, dialer and call logs.

HTC apps that went off from Google play

In February, apps like HTC Calendar, HTC Mail and HTC Dot View were unpublished. Calendar and Mail are pretty self-explanatory, and the Dot View app worked with the case of the same name. Tap on the front of the case, and a pixelated view (or a dot view) of the time and temperature would appear as well as information about incoming calls.

Some of the unpublished apps had gone a long time without being updated and probably were no longer supported by HTC. But others, like HTC Calendar, HTC People and HTC Mail were pre-installed on HTC handsets. This doesn’t necessarily mean that HTC has given up on the smartphone industry.

HTC’s decision to unpublish some of its apps would make sense if it decided to make its upcoming handsets run Android One. This is a near stock version of Android that keeps out bloatware from manufacturers. 

HTC latest flagship and withdrawn apps

HTC Exodus

HTC recent released mobile is Exodus 1 Blockchain phone designed for cryptocurrency investors. This mobile was launched in December 2019. The great feature in this mobile is that it comes with a secure wallet and a 6-inch QHD+ display. Powered by the Snapdragon 845 Mobile Platform, the Exodus 1 features 6GB of memory and 128GB of storage. There is a dual-camera setup on back (12MP + 16MP), dual 8MP selfie snappers, and a 3500mAh battery. The price of the Exodus 1 is $699.

Why the company has withdrawn a number of its apps from the Google Play Store is still unknown maybe we will see a refresh version of these apps.   This may be a worrying indictment of HTC’s future as a once-great name in mobile devices. Users of HTC phones may recognize them as apps that come pre-installed on their devices. They include HTC People, HTC Service—Video Player, HTC Calendar, HTC Mail, HTC Speak, HTC Car and HTC Ice View. HTC Dot View, an app that controls the OEM’s custom-made flip-cases of the same name, is also on this list.

On the other hand, other examples of its apps, including HTC File Manager, HTC Gallery and HTC Sense Input are still going strong. AppBrain reports may be explained by a decision to replace the apps in question with Google’s own-brand, default counterparts that do most of the same things. This could lead to a cleaner, more ‘pure Android’ UI on HTC phones in the future.

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