How to take screenshot on an HTC smartphone

Do you wish to record some important information or have shots of some useful text messages or even a snapchat photo of your near one? You often use the option to take a screenshot from your smartphone. It is easy to take screenshots if you know how.

If you own any of HTC smartphones you will find there are many ways to capture the screen. Here find three ways of taking a screenshot from any of your HTC smartphone. Just follow the mentioned simple steps in all these three methods.

1. Power and Home Button

  • Go to the phone’s Power button (located either on top, or on the side of the phone), and the phone’s Home button (located on the front of the phone).
  • Press and hold the Power button, then click the Home button to snap a shot of your phone’s screen.
  • After you have taken a screenshot of your HTC smartphone, a quick shutter sound plays then release both buttons.
  • You can look at the small preview of the screenshot taken, as well as a notification present within the phone’s notification menu.
  • Finally navigate to your phone’s photo folder to look at final screenshot, share it across various social media platforms, or send it as a text to one of your contacts.

2. Power and Volume down button

  • Go to the phone’s Power and Volume down buttons( for new HTC phones like the HTC One M9, you’ll find these on the side of the phone )
  • Press and hold each button at the same exact time.
  • You will hear a quick shutter sound and notification signifying a successful screenshot.
  • The screenshot saves to the phone’s photo folder or Screenshots folder in the Gallery app, thus giving you the option of sending it via text message, social media, or by email to any of your phone’s contacts.

3. Screenshots via the Quick Settings Menu

  • In the newer model HTC phone’s feature a handy Quick Settings Menu giving you one-touch access to a variety of options like taking a screenshot.
  • All you have to do is pull down the notification shade on the home screen of your phone and you will find number of available options.
  • If the option to take a screenshot doesn’t show up, click the edit button within the settings menu to change which quick settings appear.
  • On the resulting page, drag the Screenshot button into your current list of quick settings, then select Done.
  • With the menu open, simply tap Screenshot to take a quick snap of your phone’s screen.
  • The resulting screenshot saves to the photo or Screenshots folder within the Gallery application, and gives you the option of sharing it via social media, text message, or email.

Remember that any screenshots you will take will be stored on your phone and can be edited too before sharing it with your friends or before posting them on social networks.

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