How to remove BlinkFeed ads on your HTC phone

Do you own an HTC phone? You must have seen your phone running BlinkFeed.  BlinkFeed can be useful for pulling in information from various feeds. But you may have noticed a handful of ads creep their way into your BlinkFeed timeline. HTC is testing promotional content in BlinkFeed in the US, UK, Germany, Taiwan, and China, and it will likely roll out the ads to other markets in the coming months. This means adverts for products and services will be slipped into all your other items so it looks like they’re part of your feed.
While ads are a huge part of the internet, that doesn’t mean you need to put up with them in the stock software on a phone that you paid for. Ads are disturbing element then there is a solution for it. HTC gives you an option to turn them off if you don’t want them junking up your timeline. Here you will find two ways to do it.
With simple steps below BlinkFeed will be ad-free in less than 20 seconds.

  • Simply long-press any blank area of any screen, and you’ll see a familiar popup on Android for home screen options. Wallpaper, Apps and widgets, or Manage home screen pages.
  • Select “Manage home screen pages”.
  • Here you can pan through all your home screens, and the far left is Blinkfeed.
  • Simply navigate to it, and select remove.
  • You will see that it is now completely gone.
  • In that blank area you can add apps you like, instead of Blinkfeed.

The other way is inside the Blinkfeed itself.

  • Swipe left-to-right to display BlinkFeed from your home screen
  • Tap the hamburger menu in the top left corner to open the side panel
  • Tap the three dots to display the BlinkFeed menu
  • Tap Settings > Manage ads
  • Tap “Turn off internet-based ads”

If you do decide you want BlinkFeed back on, simply follow the above steps again to turn it back on.
So how do you turn off BlinkFeed?

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