Guide To Use QR Codes At Online Casinos

Guide to use QR codes at online casinos

QR codes are popular codes which you have seen since the inception of mobiles in our lives. You must have seen the use of QR Codes in payments and product packaging. Interestingly these QR codes are found at online casinos to access pokies on mobile.

QR Codes can easily be scanned via a smartphone. Hence with increasing smartphone penetration, QR Codes have got an impetus to grow.

Why QR Codes are used at online casinos?

  • QR codes are used at online casinos to play pokies with your mobile smartphones
  • You can easily make payments at the online casinos with your mobile to fund the casino account
  • Casinos also use QR codes to optimize their print media promotions. That is, you can make them actionable, interactive, and engaging.
Why are QR Codes used

What is a QR Code?

A QR Code is popularly known as an advanced barcode. It is a matrix of black-and white squares. These QR Codes can simply be scanned via a smartphone. In layman terms you can say that QR code is a type of link. That is, you can link details such as a website URL and a text to a QR Code.

A QR code is a two dimensional barcode, used for encoding, and spreading information. A QR code works much the same as a traditional barcode such as you will find on your groceries, except that a QR code can contain more information than a normal barcode. It is for this reason that QR codes are often used to encode URLs, or internet addresses.

Thus, as the name suggests, they are ‘Quick Response’ Codes. They just need to be scanned to encode the information within. Hence, this is one of the major reasons why QR Codes are becoming so increasingly popular in online casinos also known as mobile casinos.

Casino QR Codes are displayed on the optimised software installed on their desktop/computer. Gamers just need to scan the QR Code via their smartphone to get these games on their phones within seconds.

This way Casino QR Codes are making QR Codes on your phone a hassle free experience. The player knows where exactly to go to without tediously typing in details such as mobile casino slots and tables.

In this way playing becomes easier with QR Code-based online casinos.

QR Codes at Mobile Casino

QR Codes- Mobile casino
Slotland casino has QR codes to play pokies on mobile

There are a couple of ways through which you can use QR Codes at mobile casinos.

QR Code-based payments is one of the most common use cases of QR Codes. Making a transaction by scanning the QR Code is secure, reliable, easy, and quick. Online casinos across the world are accepting QR Code payments. Players just need to scan the 2D barcode in order to make payment.

The other is to access the online casino with your mobile. The casinos link the QR Code to their website URL. Upon scanning, the players will directly land to casino website.

Also many online casinos link their app to QR Code where players are instantly redirected to the app installation page.

Here as an example we take popular online casino called Slotland casino. At this online casino to get started:

  • Open your internet browser on your mobile or tablet and type in in the address bar. Then log in or open a new account to deposit and play.
  • Use the QR code as mentioned. Simply scan the QR  code and the mobile version of Slotland will open, it is that easy. Then open an account or log in and play.

Casinos create QR codes with an online QR code generator tool.

Scanning QR COdes

A QR code is read by an application on your phone, and the QR codes do not themselves install any software on your phone. A QR code simply encodes a text URL in a visual way, much the same as the letters do in a normal URL, and tells your phone where to go.

QR codes can be read on some phones by their native software, other models of phones or tablets may require a third party app to be installed in order to read the QR code. If this is the case, simply go to your appstore, and download a QR reader of your choice. Most are free, and the app is not a big file for this purpose.

Alternative method to access online casino on your mobile

Play croco mobile casino
Play Pokies on mobile

If you don’t wish to use QR code or any online casino is not having QR code, the best way to access online casino on your mobile smartphone is through mobile web browser.

What you need to do is pick your mobile smartphone be it Android or iPhone

Now on your mobile web browser bet it Chrome or Safari type the casino URL as an example and hit enter.

The casino homepage will load at once on your mobile and you are all set to register yourself or login at the casino with your mobile and fund at the cashier to be ready to play real money pokies or any casino games of your choice.

Remember not to forget to be online or be on the internet or WIFI connection when accessing the online casino of your choice with your mobile smartphone because all the online mobile casinos work through an internet connection.

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