Guide to the new HTC 5 G Hub launched by Telstra Australia

HTC 5 G Hub Australia

Telstra Australia has launched the first 5G mobile device, the HTC 5G Hub few months back. The HTC 5G Hub is the world’s first 5G/4GX media hotspot. It functions equally as a secure mobile corporate solution and a family entertainment hub that can leverage 5G to stream shows and games to your TV in 4K.

Features of HTC 5 G Hub

Australia 5 G Hub
  • Offers faster 5G speeds to connect to the internet at home and on the move, enjoy speeds that are much faster than the NBN.
  • HTC 5G Hub can tap into Telstra’s fast 4G network and offer remarkable speeds.
  • You can take this device anywhere including right into solid 5G coverage areas in CBDs and airports and really see some high speeds.
  • The device has a 5-inch touchscreen and is actually running a full version of the Android 9.0 operating system which means you can download apps directly to the device.
  • Battery lasts all day on the go. At home you can keep it plugged-in, but on the move you’ve got a 7,660mAh battery that will easily last the entire day.
5G Australia

Very useful for pokies  players as on top of the faster speeds it is the low latency which means a vastly-reduced lag to keep you competitive in the online contest. The HTC 5G Hub is actually a mini tablet as well which means you can view content on the display, use apps and surf the internet and under the hood is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Mobile Platform. At home it can be used as a media centre to stream 4K and play online games.

Also in terms of getting your content whether it’s a 4K movie on Netflix or through Apple TV, the HTC 5G Hub does it with ease. Average download speeds of pokies or casino game  with the HTC 5G Hub is around 150Mbps with about 65Mbps uploads speeds outside the 5G footprint so you can imagine the speed of download in 5 G area.

You can link up to 20 devices wirelessly to the HTC 5G Hub and there is room for only one physical Ethernet connection.

It also has one USB-C port which can be used to charge the device or connect a monitor. Also because it’s running Android, you can also take advantage of Google Assistant so it can be used just like a smart speaker as well.

The use of HTC 5 G Hub is not limited to home only but it is small enough to take with you and use it on the go. You can take this fast internet connection with you whether you’re working on your laptop in the field or streaming movie or playing a game at a park.

If you are using it in your office it can handle corporate VPN (virtual private network) authorization. The HTC 5G Hub even has remote wipe capability so that your data stays safe.

How to get HTC 5G Hub?

How to get HTC 5 G Hub in Australia?

Right now HTC 5 G Hub is available with a plan on Telstra Australia that starts from $70 a month with 25GB of included data. For $94 a month you’ll get 60GB and for $104 a month that data goes up to 100GB.

With a top plan of $104 per month and only 100GB to play with, it is best for all gamers to enjoy pokies for a longer time with awesome speed to play table games at live casino which needs powerful streaming of live dealer games. If you go over your included data allowance, extra data is charged in $10 per gigabyte blocks. (these plans were at the time of writing and are subject to change)

HTC pokies and apps

Users can also opt for a Peace of Mind data plan where your speed is capped at 1.5Mbps if you go over your limit rather than paying for full speed data.

The device is also available to buy outright for $984. Also if you do buy it outright you can purchase your own SIM only data plans and note that the Telstra data SIM card will work on its 5G network.

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In 2019, Telstra will be extending its 5G footprint even further to cover more cities, selected regional areas and traffic hotspots, ensuring even more Australians can access Telstra’s leading 5G technology.

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