Guide to HTC’s Viveport VR App Store support to Windows Mixed Reality headsets

HTC viveport app store

HTC’s Viveport store is now available to Windows Mixed Reality headsets expanding its services and  presence which embraces all major PC VR devices including the HTC Vive family, Oculus Rift and Oculus Rift S and the Valve Index. The service became available to Windows Mixed Reality (WMR) headsets on the 5th June 2019. Viveport Infinity offers all members unparalleled value and choice when it comes to experiencing and discovering VR content. Adding Windows Mixed Reality support on Viveport strengthens the VR ecosystem for consumers and developers alike.

HTC viveport app

HTC’s Viveport store is a competitor to SteamVR, and besides supporting HTC Vive headsets already supports Oculus Rift devices. Viveport uniquely offers a subscription service for $12.99 per month which gives access to video games like RUSH and Gun Club VR by Binary Mill, Final Assault by Phaser Lock Interactive and I Expect You To Die by Shell Games. Developers will, however, need to enable support for WMR, so not all titles may be available immediately. This means only about 200 of the 600 Infinity titles will work with WMR headsets, but will significantly expand the catalog of titles using Microsoft’s official headset platform. Members also get access to premium content on Viveport Video, monthly coupons, weekend deals and free title giveaways.

How to set up Viveport for Window Mixed Reality?

How to set up Viveport for Window Mixed Reality?

Without your WMR (Window Mixed Reality) headset, you won’t be able to play Viveport titles, so make sure to connect your WMR HMD to your PC, following the prompts to complete the headset setup process.

You’ll need to download the Viveport desktop app to access your Viveport account and start exploring

  • After installing Viveport, you will need to:
  • Sign in with your HTC Vive/Viveport account (or create a new one)
  • Then Install SteamVR (This will automatically happen, but you may be asked to sign into Steam during installation).
  • After installation, you can launch Viveport from the desktop shortcut
  • Now browse for WMR compatible titles.
  • You can check whether a title is compatible with Windows Mixed Reality by hovering over its title card on the Viveport homepage. You can also visit the game’s detail page and check under “supported headset”.
  • Also you can browse for compatible titles by checking the “Windows Mixed Reality” box under the Headset search menu.
  • You can start your free Viveport Infinity trial.  Viveport Infinity is the first unlimited subscription service for VR content. For one low monthly fee, you can freely explore an ever-growing catalog of games & apps. Infinity members also enjoy a wealth of benefits, from exclusive titles to game sales & more!
  • Now finally start playing top titles for Windows Mixed Reality.

Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality

Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality

While Microsoft has picked the “Mixed Reality” naming for its initial headsets, they’re only capable of virtual reality experiences right now. Microsoft’s range of headsets are similar to the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, and many manufacturers are selling bundles that include touch controllers. The main difference between the Vive / Rift and Windows Mixed Reality is that the headsets do not require separate sensors.

Microsoft is offering movement tracking (six degrees of freedom) without the need for traditional external sensors placed throughout a room. Windows Mixed Reality headsets have cameras and sensors to track the motion controllers. Microsoft has picked the Windows Mixed Reality name because it believes the experiences of virtual reality and augmented reality (HoloLens) will eventually blend together. While the existing Windows Mixed Reality headsets don’t offer any augmented reality experiences or a pass through mode like the Gear VR, more headsets will arrive in the future that are more capable.

Most of the main PC makers are creating Windows Mixed Reality headsets, and a number of them are available to purchase today. Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Samsung are all creating headsets, and the cheapest will be priced at $299.

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