Guide to HTC’s blockchain phone called Exodus perfect to play real money pokies in BTC

HTC Exodus

HTC had announced few months back that it is working on a blockchain phone called the HTC Exodus.  It is expected that HTC will release this phone at the end of this year. HTC isn’t the only established company making a play for the cryptocurrency space right now: web browser company Opera has just announced it’s releasing a new version of its Android browser that features a built-in crypto wallet. The new app is called Opera with Crypto Wallet and its available in private beta for now.

With dedicated hardware that allows you to use the phone as a cold wallet for your cryptocurrency, and software for decentralized apps, HTC says every Exodus smartphone will also serve as a node, which the company claims could “double and triple the number of nodes of Ethereum and Bitcoin.” The browser supports Ethereum Dapps (decentralized apps), allowing you to pay for goods and services uses the Ethereum currency which means now making a deposit to play real money pokies with HTC is more valuable.

HTC Exodus

According to Opera  it chose Ethereum because it has a large community of Dapps and features a Web3 API that allowed the company to integrate the technology into the browser in a way that makes it easy for users to send money to other wallets or make payments to online merchants that use the Coinbase Commerce system. Eventually the company could add support for other digital currencies.

In terms of security and privacy, the keys are all stored on a user’s phone and users need to grant permission for each site requesting access to a wallet. Instead of a PIN code or password, the browser “relies on Android’s secure system lock to sign transactions so users don’t have to learn any new codes to use the wallet.”

Cryptocurrencies have become a multi-billion dollar business in recent years and have become a popular deposit mode to play pokies at online casinos and such user-friendly devices and apps like the HTC Exodus and Opera with Crypto Wallet would help the gamers to process the BTC transaction with their HTC mobile with ease.

Cryptokitties game with HTC Exodus

HTC Exodus- Cryptokitties game

In partnership with CryptoKitties this cryptocurrency wallet, HTC claims, will be the first ‘cold wallet’, which in context to Bitcoins, refers to keeping some of the currency offline. CryptoKitties, meanwhile, is an attempt to use blockchain technology for fun; the very popular game allows players to purchase, collect, breed and sell various types of virtual cats. Now teaming up with HTC, the game will get an Android mobile app version that will be made available on the HTC U12+ smartphone, later making its way to Exodus. It’s not clear if other brands will also host the game.  HTC’s blockchain phone Exodus will come with CryptoKitties as hoped this year. It appears that HTC is looking to make all its devices blockchain-friendly, not just the Exodus.

No specs yet announced

Exodus is described by its makers as ‘the world’s first phone dedicated to decentralized applications and security.” HTC Exodus will thus feature a secure hardware system designed to support cryptocurrency and provide direct trading between peers with no additional fees and no cloud. No specs yet announced HTC is putting the release date at the end of this year and the price at around $1000. For more details visit HTC Exodus site now.

How to play pokies with BTC?

Rich Casino Australia- Play pokies in AUD

It’s simple process to play real money pokies with BTC.

  • To play pokies with Bitcoins visit an online casino that accepts BTC as currency like Rich Casino or visit an exclusive Bitcoin Casino like mBit casino.
  • Now register yourself at the casino as you normally do at other casinos
  • Make a deposit to play real money pokies. As you wish to play HTC pokies in Bitcoins or BTC you need to fund the casino account in Bitcoins.
  • To do that first you need to have Bitcoins with you. You can buy Bitcoins from Bitcoin exchange in Australia.
  • You can try these BTC exchanges:
  •;;; or at
  • You can buy BTC with real AUD
  • Now store BTC in proper Wallets like
  • Now once you have BTC simply go to cashier or banking page of the online casino and make a deposit.
  • The minimum deposit varies from casino to casino
  • It can be from 0.01 mbtc (0.00001 btc) or equal to $0.08 cents and there is no maximum deposit limit.
  • You can redeem Bitcoin bonuses too. Now go to games lobby at the casino and enjoy Pokies with Bitcoins.
  • When you win playing pokies you get instant wins to your account with Bitcoins.
  • The minimum withdrawal also varies from casino to casino but is not less than 0.005 btc at many casinos. There is no maximum withdrawal limit.
  • Bitcoin is Legal to buy and transact in New Zealand and Australia.

Tune in here to know more details and it’s availabilty in Australia once the phone is released. Also enjoy pokies with BTC at Aussie friendly online casinos.


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