Guide to HTC U11 Edge Sense as what can it do

HTC U 11 comes with many unique features but the main aspect that makes this smartphone stand out from others is the Edge sense. Edge Sense, lets you squeeze the phone to enable specific activities. To get working on the Edge Sense will take you some time but once your hands run smooth on this feature you will surely get used to it. So let us see what all Edge sense can do in the HTC U 11 smartphone.

Getting started with Edge Sense

To get started with Edge Sense  and to use the pressure sensitive sides of the U11, you’ll first need to set it up in the Settings menu. Also you can choose to go through the setup process when you’re setting up the phone for the first time. To start, you will have to set the intensity of the squeeze, or as HTC calls it, the “squeeze force level”. This is basically how hard or soft you’ll have to squeeze the phone for the functions to trigger. You set this by squeezing the phone as hard as you want, and that will be the force you will need each time.

You can hit the plus or minus button on the setup screen to fine tune the level of the squeeze. From here, you can test the squeeze force level by sending virtual balloons into the air to make sure that it is exactly what you want. Note that you don’t want to set the squeeze to be too soft, as this may result in accidental squeezes. At the same time, you don’t want to set the squeeze force level too high either, which could make it difficult to trigger. You can also enable visual or haptic feedback when you squeeze the phone, which might make it easier to tell if you’ve successfully triggered the feature or not.

Edge Sense- what all it can do

HTC U11- Edge sense

Launch the apps

Edge Sense is set to launch the various apps like camera by default. A single squeeze launches the camera app, while another squeeze will let you snap a photo. You can keep it this way if you’d like, or you can change it to open a specific app. Edge Sense can be programmed to launch Facebook, Instagram, Google Maps, or basically any other application, and it can also perform actions like taking a screenshot, turning on the flashlight, starting a voice recording, or launching the HTC Sense companion.

Short and the Long squeeze

To get more out of Edge Sense, there’s also an advanced mode that will let you perform two different functions based on short and long squeezes. For example, you can set the short squeeze to launch the camera, and a squeeze and hold can be used to open Google Assistant. That is just an example of course, and you have the ability to set the short and long squeeze to launch any app or perform any function of your choice.

If you do use the advanced mode to control the camera and the Google Assistant, you will also gain some additional functionality within those apps. Once the camera app is launched, a short squeeze will let you take a photo as before, but a long squeeze can be used to switch between the front and rear cameras. With Google Assistant, if you are typing a message in an email, text message, or any input field that would require the keyboard, you can finish the text using your voice by activating voice-to-text with a short or long squeeze.

HTC U 11 Edge Sense

Interact with phone even when wet

One of the biggest benefits of Edge Sense is that it allows you interact with the phone when it’s wet or submerged in water, when touch input on the display isn’t the most reliable. If you want to take a photo, open an application, or turn on the camera flash, you can do so easily by squeezing the phone. All of this is possible because of the HTC U11’s IP67 rating for dust and water resistance.

So you see that with Edge Sense feature in HTC U11 you can certainly do many interesting things and interact or use the phone more efficiently.

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