Guide to the Best 6 Tricks That You Can Do With Your Htc U11 to Make It Work Efficiently


HTC U 11 is the one of the best smartphone that you can have hands on.  With beautiful design and liquid surface glass looks the most unique feature is the Edge sense as these touch panels built into the sides gives you a lot more to do with just a squeeze. Also this smartphone has one of the best cameras and Snapdragon 835 CPU which is wonderful processor.

If you own a HTC U11 or thinking to have one and still do not know how to make full use of it here is a brief guide to the best six tricks that you can do with your HTC U 11 to  make it work efficiently.

1. Do some squeezing with Edge-sense

As said above U11’s most interesting feature, EdgeSense lets you squeeze the sides of your phone to trigger certain apps or features. First go to settings then tap on Edge sense and set it up manually at any time on your smartphone.

By default, you can only use one type of squeeze, but you can choose which app it launches here and adjust the amount of pressure needed to activate it. Tap on Adjust your squeeze force level to get a visual level of how hard you’re squeezing, then tap Test your squeeze force to see how it works in practice, as that will make you perfect to use like a pro.

2. Switch on the advanced mode of Edge Sense

You can also switch on the advanced mode of Edge sense to get more things done. Go to Settings tap on Edge Sense and tick the box that says Enable advanced mode. From here, you can set one action to a short squeeze, and a second one to a long squeeze. The third option, Adjust your squeeze force level, shows you the difference between the two. You can have the camera tied to a short press, and Google Assistant on a long press, or customise them however you like for a truly personalised phone.

3. Adjust the USB C ear phones

HTC’s USonic in-ear headphones have built-in microphones that can automatically adjust the EQ to give you the best possible sound quality for your ears. You’d be dumb not to turn it on, so go to Settings then to HTC USonic with Active Noise Cancellation. Make sure your earbuds are plugged in, then follow the onscreen instructions to take a reading of your ear canals. The phone will then create a custom profile just for you. You can name it also and enter apply to get every bit of audio sent through the earbuds sound better. This also turns on active noise cancellation, for more volume if you wish to hear loud and disturb the peace around.

4. Lower the amount of blue for a good night sleep

This is better trick to do for a good night sleep as the Night Mode lowers the amount of blue the U11’s screen pumps out, leaving you with a yellow, warm hue that won’t keep you awake.

Simply go to Settings, move on to Display, then gestures and buttons, scroll down and tap on Night Mode. You can turn it on manually, drag the onscreen slider to adjust the strength of the effect, or set it to turn on automatically also according to your time preference. You can add it to the Quick Settings menu, too, so you can toggle it on and off with a swipe down from the top of the screen.

5. Double tap to wake the phone screen

You don’t have to reach for that power button just to wake the U11 as now you can do it with a double-tap to the screen instead. Turn it on by going to Settings -> Display, then on to gestures and buttons, scrolling right down to the bottom and tapping on Motion Launch gestures. Tick the box for Double tap to wake up and sleep. You can also turn it off by repeating the process.

6. Say Hi to Alexa

HTC U 11 has a beautiful AI that is Amazon Alexa and as other phones have added Alexa before, but they’ve all needed a button press to wake her up but here with this smartphone you only need to give her a shout by her name and say Hi Alexa and she will listen to you immediately covering the bottom portion of the screen just like Google Assistant. You need to set her up to allow her to assist you in every of your private matters. Go to the Google Play Store and make sure the HTC Alexa app is updated to the latest version as it’s pre-installed on all U11 phones, so you won’t need to download it from scratch. Open the app, log in with your Amazon account, and choose whether you want Alexa to wake with an Edge Sense gesture. You can wake up Alexa as long as your phone is unlocked and the screen is on and want the help you want from her.

These above tricks will surely sound wonderful to you but you need to give them a try and avail the best from them. There are many other interesting features that you can work with on this smartphone. Stay tuned for our guides on HTC here.

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